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NOV 2013

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Middle School Studio Lesson Designs That Pop Michelle McGinley A rt galleries are plentiful throughout the streets of South Beach in Miami, Florida. During my travels, I often look for styles of art my students can learn about and be inspired by while they also are learning about practicing artists. Romero Britto is an artist whose art can be seen all over Miami and around the world. His art is simple, colorful, and fun. I decided that emulating his style would be a great way to teach my students about slab clay work. 32 November 2013 SchoolArts I introduced Romero Britto to my students with a PowerPoint presentation that showed both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works, including large outdoor sculptures, cars, and jets displaying his designs. I pointed out the simplistic objects he chooses to use in his artwork. We also talked about his use of bright colors, patterns, and segmented areas outlined with thick lines. Two-Dimensional Design Students chose two objects that they would like to illustrate and design in Britto's style. They folded a 9 x 12" (23 x 30 cm) sheet of paper in half, and on each side they designed a simple object using a pencil, rulers, and markers. When both of their designs

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