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Making the Print Our idea was to each create an 8 x 4' woodcut plate, then cut the plates into three interchangeable pieces. The print image would then become an intermingling of three artists' visions culminated in more than thirty individual prints. Artists, teachers, students, and a slew of community members gathered to help us in the printmaking process, which took place at Alamo Stadium. Separate inking stations equipped with environmentally safe Akua ink were needed for the threecolor prints. Each print required two 18 November 2013 SchoolArts to three people to walk the prints from the staging area and line them up down the field. tographers Luis M. Garza, Irene and David Castillo, and Paul Cruz documented the entire process. Public Art Display With the help of more than 120 volunteers, we stretched the thirty prints from goal line to goal line. The stadium became the representation of a Mesoamerican temple, and at noon on January 14, 2012—the ancient Aztec day of raising banners to Huitzlopochtli (the god of war and victory in Aztec folklore)—the volunteers raised the print. The sight was spectacular! Filmmaker James Borrego and pho- educational outreach We wanted to educate the public and our students by allowing them to be active participants in the Texas Size Print Project. Luis Valderas became artist in residence for my AP art history class, helping to lead my students through their own large-scale print event and exhibition. The process in my class began with identifying student strengths and giving them the corresponding roles

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