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NOV 2013

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Minnesota Clay Graffito Paper Graffito sheets work like carbon paper. Embedded with a nontoxic ceramic underglaze, they will transfer to bisqueware when drawn upon using a pen or pencil. Draw freehand or trace any image to your ceramic piece. Even fine detail work will transfer. Crazy Crayons Eco Stars Eco Stars are handmade crayons made out of broken, used-up crayons donated through the Crayon Recycle Program. New sets are nontoxic and made from 100% recycled materials. Staff Picks These favorite products are sure to enhance any artroom! OtterBox With so many schools incorporating tablets into their curriculums, device protection has become extremely important. Otterbox provides solutions across the board, benefiting administrators, teachers, and students alike. Otterbox also provides support by training teachers and parents in best practices in device protection. Sakura Pigma® Micron® Pens Pigma Micron pens are a staple for cartoonists, calligraphers, and architects alike. With a point that never dulls and always writes smoothly, and with ink that does not bleed, these pens are a no-brainer for anyone wanting to make a bold statement with their work. Big Kid's Choice Classroom Caddy This stainless steel, six-compartment caddy is filled with a colorful assortment of Royal Brush's most popular Big Kid's Choice brushes for classroom use. Introduce your students to a variety of brush styles with this 72-piece assortment. 13

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