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OCT 2013

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CTL-1 Jet Moss CTL-3 Lava CTL-9 Snap Dragon CTL-10 Peppermint Ice CTL-11 Snow Fire CTL-12 Mardi Gras CTL-15 Moon Scape CTL-22 Milky Way CTL-23 Moody Blue CTL-31 Brown Earth CTL-34 Granada CTL-35 Nutmeg CTL-36 Ginger Bread CTL-37 Desert Tortoise CTL-39 Yellow Universe CTL-40 Forest CTL-41 Melon CTL-42 Fantasia CTL-44 Turritella CTL-45 Sunset Jewel CTL-46 Ultramarine Jewel CTL-47 Tangerine Dream CTL-48 Sun and Sea CTL-49 Azurite CTL-54 Firecracker CTL-71 Purple Blaze The Art & Creative Materials Institute AP (Approved Product) seal certifies this product to be safe for use by all ages. CTL-61 Buttercup CTL-67 Summer Mango CTL-70 Magnolia Jewel

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