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OCT 2013

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to the back of their portraits and used these to glue the portrait to the background paper. We all enjoyed seeing the portraits "pop out" thanks to this simple technique. Pottery makes a great canvas Your source for acrylics, glazes and more! Adding Low relief Finally, I demonstrated how white air-dry modeling material could be colored with markers and then kneaded to make new colors. Using white glue, students applied small pieces of it to accent parts of their portraits. Highlights in the hair, details in the eyes, and patterns on the clothing were great places to add the modeling material. Trying a new approach with a common theme can be risky, but it also can be rewarding. This lesson was a great success because students were very motivated to create a self-portrait in unusual colors using a variety of media. Jana DeSimone is a national board certified art teacher. She currently teaches eighth grade visual art at Aldrich Junior High School in Warwick, Rhode Island. NatioNal StaNdard Students intentionally take advantage of the qualities and characteristics of art media, techniques, and processes to enhance communication of their experiences and ideas. Web liNk 10% of your next online order Use promo code SAM-0813 888.568.5991 37

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