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soming cherry tree outside my studio jungle. The installation begins to take when I taught middle school and the on a life of its own as its positive and installation in negative shapes the branches I decided to have four classes and spaces fill up there was beautithe hallway. of students join forces to ful, especially The completed build a gigantic, hallwaywhen the wind installation can filling, suspended installation. stay up as long blew. Installation as you like. Studay is a hum of industry. In the past dents love walking to class under it we have built freestanding structures, and discussing their next "build." but this time I decided to have four Molly McNeece is an art teacher at Eisenclasses of students join forces to build hower Elementary School in Southfield, a gigantic, hallway-filling, suspended Michigan. ncneecemk@southfield.k12. installation. Using rolls and tape, students start hanging paper rolls from the ceiling. NatioNal StaNdard Taller students may be able to reach Students use visual structures and up standing on a chair to affix crossfunctions of art to communicate ideas. beams and arches to which other rolls can be added. The work will begin to Web liNk look like many thingsā€”giant spiders a web, underground pipes, or a ideas-3d-sculpture How to roll a Newspaper Tube 1. take one large sheet of newspaper, lay it flat on the table, and fold over one of the triangular corners. 2. Begin tightly rolling across to the other corner. When you are halfway done it looks like a big triangle. When the roll is finished it will look like a huge paper straw. 3. tape the end flap down and you are ready to roll some more. 31

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