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OCT 2013

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I am so proud of the work that is coming out of my students when they are given lessons that force them to think outside of the box. I enjoy helping my students to be the best they can be while caring, appreciating, and understanding others in our world. all be better educators, thinkers, and learners. reflections When we create curricula that encourages our students to think at high levels, the art becomes more than just another pretty picture; it can begin to change the world. "Art with purpose" is formed from the philosophy created by the Istanbul Center, and, thanks to Stephanie Hodge, who wrote about this type of learning in 2010, we can Students evaluate and defend the validity of sources for content and the manner in which subject matter, symbols, and images are used in the students' work and in significant works by others. Debi West is visual art educator and department chair at North Gwinnett High School in Suwanee, Georgia. dewestudio@ NatioNal Web StaNdard liNk www.schoolartsdigital. com/i/148671/33 Joanne Hong. Suzie Lee. and being immersed in a culture that very few of us knew anything about was a life-changing experience! From Istanbul to Ankara, Izmir, and back to Istanbul; to being featured on the Today Show; to meeting host families; to experiencing the everyday kindness of the people of Turkey, I left with a changed heart. We truly experienced "art with purpose."

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