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Paola Cedeno, grade eight. Jessica McIntire, grade eight. achieved. I demonstrated how not to hold the gun and showed them that if the heat gun is aimed in the same spot too long, the plastic gets too hot to achieve the intended goals. Each student worked with a buddy who also wore protective gloves to assist in the shaping of the warmed plastic. Many students were willing to assist after their sculptures were complete, which was very helpful in speeding up the entire process. We used only two heat guns and one hot glue gun at a time so that the process was done safely. The heating of the plastic allowed students to let the shapes just happen, and even though they had a limited amount of control over the shaping, they were open to possibilities and embraced what was happening. Once their shapes were complete, students moved over to the gluing area where they hot glued the pieces together to form permanent bonds and complete the sculptures. Reflections This lesson required preliminary planning and sketching just as Dale Chihuly would do, and it definitely required the safe use of tools and materials. Respect for the heat gun and hot glue gun was very important, which was made clear and reinforced throughout the entire process. Students were very receptive to this lesson and it really suited their level. They were excited throughout the process and were pleased with their completed pieces. Patricia Salomon is a visual art teacher at Middle School East, in Milford, Massachusetts. national Standard Students intentionally take advantage of the qualities and characteristics of art media, techniques, and processes to enhance communication of their experiences and ideas. WEb link 19

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