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AdvocAcy The World Inside the Mind Dreaming is a world where wishes do not exist; because dreaming is a world where our wishes are fulfilled just by the fact of imagining them so. —Yannick Heywang Most art problems involve a high degree of imagining. Eldon Katter I magine! You can have the whole 2. Through the study of art and artists, world inside your mind! Everyone students are in constant association has an ability for imagining. In with the traits and habits of highly some people it is highly developed, imaginative and creative individuals. in others, not so much. Since imagina- 3. Curiosity is a necessary attribute tion is the ability to look at any situfor both art investigations and ation from different points of view, imagination. Being curious helps the artroom would students develop Since imagination is the seem to be the new ideas and ideal environment insights. Having ability to look at any for developing the a curious mind situation from different power to imagine. points of view, the artroom and asking how, Here are a few when, and why would seem to be the ideal things happen— ways that art can environment for developing common artroom help young people imagine: practices—are the power to imagine. 1. As students good exercises to study artists and their works, they nurture imagination. are mentally exploring the past and 4. Art students are consistently asked imagining how things might have to think outside the box and to been in another time and place. think of better ways to do things. 12 October 2013 SchoolArts 5. Most design problems involve a high degree of imagining when creating new products, methods, or systems. 6. One of the best ways to increase the power of imagination is through visualization, which helps you experience a variety of emotions and feelings. Improving one's imagination can result in creating a happy, successful, and fulfilling life. But like any skill, it requires repeated practice and patience. P.S. Never underestimate the power of doodling. Doodles may just reveal the world inside your mind. Eldon Katter is co-author of Explorations in Art (Davis Publications) and the former editor of SchoolArts.

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