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MAY-JUN 2007

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Seeing Through Other Eyes. Apr., p. 51 Textile Design for the Real World. M/J, p. 30 Value Techniques. Middle School, Aug/Sept., p. 11 Vibrations in the Soul. Jan., p. 19 Mixed Media A Semester of Color. Aug/Sept., p. 21 A Timeline Tunnel. Mar., p. 42 Harmonious Triptychs. Dec., p. 36 My House Is a Home. Apr., p. 32 Multicultural and Global Connections Art from the Earth. Apr., p. 42 Chinese Papercutting Games. Nov., p. 41 Cultural Clues in the Classroom. Nov., p. 40 Opening Doors to Cultural Diversity. Apr., p. 30 Reflecting on China. Nov., p. 24 Serengheti Silhouettes. Nov., p. 34 Teaching Art Abroad. Apr., p. 58 Transcending Cultural Borders. M/J p. 19 Understanding the Art of Islam. Apr., p. 62 We Love Bombay! Nov., p. 19 Museum Musings Art Partners at the Museum. Nov., p. 6 An Ode to the Slide Projector. Apr., p. 8 Interactive Learning: Sculpture. Oct., p. 16 Seeing Is Believing. Aug/Sept., p. 8. Painting American Folk Art Paintings. Jan., p. 38 Diebenkorn in Denton. Nov., p.33 Starting with a Grid. Dec., p. 17 We Love Bombay! Nov., p. 19 fection. Apr., p. 12 (POV) Electronic Portfolios in the Choice Curriculum. Oct., p. 12 (POV) Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Teaching Elementary Art. Dec., p. 6 (POV) Sculpture, Assemblage, and 3-D Design Building a Better Environment. Apr., p. 38 Is There a Scribble Stage for Sculpture? Dec., p. 38 Wood Sculpture Characters. Dec., p. 34 Technology Aesop's Fables: Telling Tales with Video. Oct., p. 48 But I Only Have One Computer! Oct. p. 35 Contemporary Visual Art Stories. Oct., p. 30 Do You Hate Technology? Oct., p. 49 Digital Sculpture Installations. Oct., p. 28 Electronic Portfolios in the Choice Curriculum. Oct., p. 12 Engaging Art Assessment through Technology. Oct., p. 26 Fractals: A Pattern of Chaos. Oct., p. 43 Interactive Learning: Sculpture. Oct., p. 16 Merging Prehistoric and Contemporary Technology. Oct., p. 32 Of Immigrants and Natives. Oct., p. 4 Podcasting for Art Teachers. Oct., p.36 Projected Identities. Oct., p. 23 Put Me on the Bridge. Oct., p. 50 Technology in Art. Oct., p. 12 The Art Blog. Oct., p. 52 Using Digital Archives as Curriculum Resources. Nov., p. 26 Warhol from Finger Paint to Computer Art. Jan., p. 10 Photography Hockney-Inspired Photocollage. Nov., p. 36 Pictures into Books. Mar., p. 26 Three-dimensional Photo Structures. Dec., p. 24 Transcending Cultural Borders. M/J p. 19 Teaching Theory and Practice Lessons the Arts Teach. Aug/Sept. p. 46 The Future of Art Education. Oct., p. 8 What Does Daniel Pink Have to Say to Art Educators? Apr., p. 54 What Makes a Teacher Great? Apr., p. 78 Point of View Art and Football. M/J, p. 8 (POV) Character Education Models of Imper- Visual Culture A Visual Culture Approach to Art Education. Feb., p. 36 Circle No. 211 on Reader's Service card.

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