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Proven solutions for venting fumes smoke heat from kilns, art rooms, workshops & labs. If you have an indoor air quality problem, call us toll-free today 877-876-8368 Visit us at Circle No. 294 on Reader's Service card. Circle No. 331 on Reader's Service card. 68 SchoolArts May/June 2007 Environment and Nature Autumn Is Upon Us! Nov., p.25 Finding Art in the Science Room. Mar., p. 28 Gordeous Art. M/J, p. 22 Gallery Cards A Woman Seated Beside a Vase of Flowers. Jan., p. 36 (GC) Centennial Vase. Feb., p. 34 (GC) Cuxa Cloister. Dec., p. 32 (GC) Cypresses. Aug/Sept., p. 40 (GC) Details of the Burghers of Calais. Oct., p. 42 (GC) Double Whistle Bird Form. Apr., p. 50 (GC) Eight-Planked Bridge (Yatsuhashi). Feb., p. 34 (GC) Feline Head Bottle. Mar., p. 36 (GC) Grave stele of a little girl. Aug/Sept., p. 40 (GC) Hatshepsut Offers Maat to Amun. M/J, p. 39 (GC) Homage to the Square: With Rays. M/J, p. 39 (GC) King and Eunuch Attendant. Dec., p. 32 (GC) Library Table. Nov., p. 32 (GC) Lucas. Apr., p. 50 (GC) Mask. Mar., p. 36 (GC) Panel: Stiding Lion. Nov., p. 32 (GC) Page from an Illuminated Gospel. Feb., p. 34 (GC) Page from a Qur'an. Nov., p. 32 (GC) Pair of Ancestor Figures. Nov., p. 32 (GC) Philip Stanhope Worsley. Jan., p. 36 (GC) Plaque with the Journey to Emmaus and the Noli Me Tangere. Apr., p. 50 (GC) Red, White, and Blue. Aug/Sept., p. 40 (GC) Report from Rockport. Feb., p. 34 (GC) Saint Roch. Jan., p. 36 (GC) Shahnama (The Book of Kings) of Shah Tahmasp. Dec., p. 32 (GC) Shiva as Lord of the Dance (Nataraja). Mar., p. 36 (GC) Section From the "Book of the Dead" of Nany. Apr., p. 50 (GC) The Figure 5 in Gold. Mar. p. 36 (GC) The Kangxi Emperor's Southern Tour, Scroll Three: Ji'nan to Mount Tai. Aug/Sept., p. 40 (GC) The Marriage Feast at Cana. M/J, p. 39 (GC) The Penitent Magdalen. M/J, p. 39 (GC) Untitled. Dec., p. 32 (GC) Winter Pool. Jan., p. 36 (GC) High School Studio Lessons Autorretratos en la Clase de Español. Mar., p. 24 Ballpoint Pen Composites. Feb., p. 21 Hardly Hardware. Jan., p. 22 Hot Off the Press. Feb., p. 40 Identities in Flux. M/J, p. 32 Maps of Our Lives. Mar., p. 39 Opening Doors to Cultural Diversity. Apr., p. 30 Projected Identities. Oct., p. 23 Snapple Real Facts Watercolors. Feb., p. 42 Starting with a Grid. Dec., p. 17 Three-dimensional Photo Structures. Dec., p. 24 Transcending Cultural Borders. M/J p. 19 Using Silhouettes Expressively. Jan., p. 28 Wild Beasts of Still Life. M/J, p. 26 Interdisciplinary Connections Autorretratos en la Clase de Español. Mar., p. 24 Finding Art in the Science Room. Mar., p. 28 Fractals: A Pattern of Chaos. Oct., p. 43 Making Art Connections with Graphic Organizers. Apr., p. 55 Meeting Individual Needs Cooperative Art Education. Apr., p. 10 (MIN) Practical Considerations for Teaching Autistic Students. M/J, p. 6 Surviving the Art Cart. Aug/Sept., p. 28 (MIN) Successful Stencil Starts. Jan., p. 14 (MIN) Totem: A Symbol of Kinship. Mar., p. 16 (MIN) Up Close and Personal. Feb., p. 16 (MIN) Middle School Studio Lessons Art from the Earth. Apr., p. 42 At the Cellular Level. Jan., (CC) Chihuly Magnets. M/J, p. 44 Finding Art in the Science Room. Mar., p. 28 Gordeous Art. M/J, p. 22 Not Your Ordinary School Pictures. Apr., p. 34 Personality Profiles. Mar., p. 19 Serengheti Silhouettes. Nov., p. 34 Stack 'em High. Dec., p. 22 Stories from the Storm. Feb., p. 24 The Clay Challenge Continues. Jan., p. 24

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