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MAY-JUN 2007

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Dinosaur Bones. Elementary, Dec., p. 11 (CC) Dine's Tools. High School, Aug/Sept., p. 11 (CC) Fantasy Robots. Middle School, Oct., p. 5 (CC) Flowery Patterns. Early Childhood, Jan., p. 7 (CC) Got the Time? Middle School, Apr., p. 5 (CC) It's Always Time for Art. Middle School, Feb., p. 5 (CC) It's the Tooth Fairy! Early Childhood, Nov., p. 11 (CC) Java Palm Frond Mask. Middle School, Mar., p. 7 (CC) Let There Be Dragons. Elementary, Nov., p. 11 (CC) Life-Size Scarecrows. Elementary, Mar., p. 7 (CC) Matisse Collages. Elementary, Aug/ Sept., p. 11 (CC) Message in a Mosaic. High School, Feb., p. 5 (CC) Miró Collage. Elementary, M/J, p. 11 (CC) Owl Moon. Early Childhood, Aug/ Sept., p. 11 (CC) Painting with Light. Middle School, Oct., p. 5 (CC) Papier-Mâché Chimps. Elementary, Jan., p. 7 (CC) Pink Poodle. Early Childhood, M/J, p. 11 (CC) Popcorn Designs. High School, Apr., p. 5 (CC) Process Color Still Lifes. High School, Oct., p. 5 (CC) Raggedy Ann and Andy. Early Childhood, Oct., p. 5 (CC) Room with an Incongruous View. High School, Dec., p.11 (CC) Sharing Memories Through Art. Elementary, Apr., p. 5 (CC) Spirit Animals. High School, Nov., p. 11 (CC) Transparent Designs. High School, M/J, p. 11 (CC) Value Techniques. Middle School, Aug/Sept., p. 11 (CC) Wearable History. Middle School, Dec., p. 11 (CC) Collage/Cut Paper Not Your Ordinary School Pictures. Apr., p. 34 Personality Profiles. Mar., p. 19 Seeing Through Other Eyes. Apr., p. 51 Contemporary Art Art:21, Artists Speak: Fred Wilson. Aug/Sept., p. 14; Matthew Richie. Oct., p. 20; Elizabeth Murray. Nov., p. 8; Ida Applebroog. Dec., p. 14; Josiah McElheny. Jan., p. 12; Roni Horn. Feb., p. 14; Richard Tuttle. Mar., p. 14; Walton Ford. Apr., p. 14; Mike Kelley. M/J, p. 16 Crafts My House Is a Home. Apr., p. 32 Piecing Together Amish Quilts. Aug/ Sept. p. 42 The Art of Puppetry. Apr., p. 64 Drawing Artist Trading Cards. Aug/Sept. p. 33 Many Ways to Make a Line. Aug/Sept. p. 44 Moving Pictures. Mar., p. 37 New Perspectives on an Old Approach. Nov., p. 22 Quill Challenge. Aug/Sept., p. 24 Textile Design for the Real World. M/J, p. 30 The Art of Running. Apr., p. 59 There I Am Over There. Aug/Sept. p. 30 Circle No. 251 on Reader's Service card. Early Childhood Studio Lessons Basic Shape Quilts. Aug/Sept. p. 32 Fish Stories. Apr., p. 41 Flowery Patterns. Jan., CC In the Chicken Coop. Dec., p. 33 Lines, Lines, and More Lines. Aug/ Sept. p. 41 Monet's Reflections. Mar., p. 40 Put Me on the Bridge. Oct., p. 50 Right Beneath Your Feet. Feb., p. 44 Stormy Skies. Jan., p. 42 Texture Fish. M/J, p. 24 Elementary Studio Lessons American Folk Art Paintings. Jan., p. 38 Architectural Adventures in Your Community. Mar., p. 22 A Rose for Rosa. Feb., p. 35 Building a Better Environment. Apr., p. 38 Capturing Movement. M/J, p. 42 Friendship Fence. Feb., p. 27 Getting Started with Glass. M/J, p. 28 Haring's Heroes. Jan., p. 26 Haring Inspired Designs. Apr., p. 60 Pictures into Books. Mar., p. 26 Moving Pictures. Mar., p. 37 My House Is a Home. Apr., p. 32 Surprising Resists. Mar., p. 44 Treat your students to an imaginary trip through the artistic renaissance of Haitian art with the CRIZMAC Interdisciplinary Curriculum To order or request a new 2007 catalog call 1-800-913-8555, or visit for our online marketplace. � Other Haitian resources include: art prints � metal art � books � music � CRIZMAC Art & Cultural Education Materials, Inc. P.O. Box 65928, Tucson, AZ 85728 Fax 520.323.6194 Circle No. 135 on Reader's Service card.

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