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Index of Articles and Authors September 2006–May/June 2007 Advocacy A Colorful Opening. Aug/Sept., p. 26. A Teaching Mantra. Nov., p. 10 Another Rockin' Artroom. Aug/Sept., p. 29 Are the Arts Important in Education? Aug/Sept. p. 10 Celebrating Student Artwork through National Publication. Jan., p. 40 Foundations. Aug/Sept., p. 4 Guerilla Girls: Art for the Social Conscience. Apr., p. 36 Lessons the Arts Teach. Aug/Sept. p. 46 The Arts at the Center: Reform at Hope High School. Oct., p. 46 The Cradle Project. M/J, p. 41 Art Criticism and Appreciation Open to Interpretation. Jan., p. 4 (EC) The Art and Science of Aerial Perspective. Nov., p. 38 The Scientific Method and Art Criticism. Jan., p. 37 Circle No. 381 on Reader's Service card. ArtEd Online Artist Trading Cards. Aug/Sept. p. 34 (AEO) New Web Tools You Can Use. Apr., p. 44 (AEO) Open Your Classroom to the World. Dec., p. 26 (AEO) Online Resources for Interpreting Art. Jan., p. 30 (AEO) Online Guide to the New York City Art Scene. Mar., p. 30 (AEO) Podcasting for Art Teachers. Oct., p. 36 (AEO) Try Open Source Software. M/J, p. 34 (AEO) Using Digital Archives as Classroom Resources. Nov., p. 26 (AEO) Visual Culture Resources on the Web. Feb., p. 28 (AEO) Art History/Fine Art A Timeline of Art Materials. Oct., Glossary of Department Titles AEO ArtEd Online CC ClipCards EC Editor's Comments GC Gallery Cards LL Looking and Learning MM Museum Musings MIN Meeting Individual Needs T Technology Circle No. 275 on Reader's Service card. p. 34 Death of the Historic Buddha. Jan., p. 31 (LL) Diana and Actaeon. M/J, p. 35 (LL) Large Interior, Los Angeles. Apr., p. 45 (LL) Olowe of Ise. Feb., p. 29 (LL) Tableau with Large Red Plane, Blue, Black, Light Green and Greyish Blue, 1921. Dec., p. 27 (LL) The Burghers of Calais. Oct., p. 37 (LL) The Heart of the Andes. Mar., p. 31 (LL) The Unicorn Is Found. Nov., p. 27 (LL) Washington Crossing the Delaware. Aug/Sept., p. 35 (LL) Clay/Ceramics Crazy Patchwork Clay Bowl. Mar., p. 28 Fish Stories. Apr., p. 41 Imprinted Clay Coil Vessels. Dec., p. 21 Organic Clay Cities. Dec., p. 40 Stack 'em High. Dec., p. 22 The Clay Challenge Continues. Jan., p. 24 Classroom Management It's Time for Art Club. Apr., p. 56 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Teaching Elementary Art. Dec., p. 6 (POV) Tips for Starting an Artist in Residence Program. Apr., p. 40 ClipCards Abstracted Value. Middle School, M/J, p. 11 (CC) Aluminum Foil Monoprints. Elementary, Dec., p. 11 (CC) At the Cellular Level. Middle School, Jan., p. 7 (CC) Butterfly Mask. Early Childhood, Apr., p. 5 (CC) Cityscape Collage. Early Childhood, Feb., p. 5 (CC) Clay Vacation Postcards. Elementary, Feb., p. 5 (CC) Cubist Self-Portraits. High School, Mar., p. 7 (CC) Culture Collage Box. Middle School, Nov., p. 11 (CC) Creating Abstract Communities. High School, Jan., p. 7 (CC) Dried Weed Plaque. Early Childhood, Mar., p. 7 (CC)

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