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Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash We next looked at the work of Giacomo Balla, an Italian artist who showed movement by repeated sequence in the style of Futurism. His oil painting, Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash, a prime example of Futurism, is on display in the Albright Knox Art Museum here in Buffalo. Students were asked to compare and contrast the painting with the gesture drawings they had seen at the beginning of the lesson, using a Venn diagram. Students saw movement in the Balla painting as "more than one move but at the same time." They also looked at a blackand-white image of the painting. This version simplified the line movements within the painting and made the repetition of the images clearer. Creating a Collage For the final part of the lesson, students chose one of their gesture drawings to be used as a pattern. The image had to show movement and a recognizable image of a person. Students simplified the images, cut them out, and traced them on two contrasting colors of construction paper. Each image was reproduced and cut out four times in each color, resulting in eight figures. Students glued their images on black construction paper, using an alternating color scheme to create action, movement, and rhythm by overlapping and repetition. Students discovered many ways to create the illusion of movement. They could take a standing figure and create an image that was falling over. They also learned they could vary the amount of negative space between the images to change the rhythm of the movement. To complete the project, students evaluated their work by completing a simple rubric and by writing responses to three reflective questions. The results were stunning. The fourth graders worked diligently to create unique and eye-catching pieces. During the spring art show, their efforts were rewarded by comments of "Wow!" "How'd they do that?" and "This looks awesome!" Lynda Lord is an art teacher at Roy B. Kelley Elementary School in Lockport, New York. nationaL Standard Students use different media, techniques, and processes to communicate ideas, experiences, and stories. Web Link dogleash.jpg.html degas/jockey.jpg html SchoolArts May/June 2007 43

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