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MAY-JUN 2007

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Theme Articles: Metamorphosis All Levels 41 The Cradle Project. Naomi Natale An art project to support orphaned African children. Early Childhood 24 44 Texture Fish. Julie Stone First graders create an underwater environment. 30 Elementary 28 Getting Started with Glass. Heather White Teacher preparation enhances the magic of glass. 42 Capturing Movement. Lynda Lord A study of Futurism. Middle School 22 Gourdeous Art. Mary Coy Transforming an unassuming natural material. 30 Textile Design for the Real World. Denise M. Cassano Students design and create large-scale motifs. 44 Chihuly Magnets. Christine Grafe Miniature creations that resemble blown glass. High School 19 Transcending Cultural Borders. Robert Graham, Kris Murphy, and Joy Jaworski Immigration stories told through photography. 26 Wild Beasts of Still Life. Debra Lott A transformative approach to still life. 19 32 Identities in Flux. Tom Wagner Reconstructive self-portraits. Find super online resources on page 54 in the Web Site Showcase. Looking for an article? Check out the index of this year's articles on page 66. 26 2 SchoolArts May/June 2007

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