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glued on starfish, seaweed, schools of fish, sand, and coral. The colors of the tissue paper added to the colors of the fish. Assessing and Reflecting Once students saw the completed scenes on display, they evaluated how well texture enhanced the overall compositions in their own work and that of their classmates. Our assessment was an interactive group discussion based on how well the completed work met the goals of the lesson. I asked students questions such as: How well did you use the whole space? How well did you keep the fish in proportion? How well did you use the tissue paper to enhance the environment? What was your favorite part of your picture? Why? If you could do the assignment again, what would you do differently? The discussion helped students to think about specifics they might not have otherwise noticed in the work. It also helped me see ways I could better teach the lesson next time. It was a successful lesson all around. Rebecca, grade one, The Colorful Fish in the Ocean. "My colorful fish dives deep into the blue sea looking for shells." Objective Students will effectively explore texture through painting, drawing, and mixed media during the process of creating a fish in its environment. Students use different media, techniques, and processes to communicate ideas, experiences, and stories. Julie Stone is an art teacher at Lincoln Avenue Academy in Lakeland, Florida. results.php?object_id=79802 NatioNal Web StaNdard liNk Materials • reproductionofvanGogh's The Starry Night • 12x18"(30x46cm)white drawingpaper • paintscrapers • liquidtemperapaint • oilpastels • 9x12"(23x30cm)white drawingpaper • pencilsanderasers • coloredtissuepaper • glue • scissors Riley, grade one, The Fish of Doom. "My fish is fierce like a shark. He loves to eat." SchoolArts May/June 2007 25

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