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High School Studio Lesson "I think it would be cool if people saw me as one of them . . . I don't really mind being different. I just mind that some people don't like me because I am different." Transcendin g Cultural Bor d ers —Carlos Molina (El Salvador), June Yoo, photographer Robert Graham, Kris Murphy, and Joy Jaworski C ultural diversity presents many a way that makes them poignant and comprechallenges to the art educator. hensible. Art-making can be a catalyst to develop Teaching children to be tolerant confidence and competence in engaging in interand to appreciate differences is cultural dialogue. particularly important in a world that is characterized by polarization, embittered One Port, Many Faces cultural divisions, and prejudice. Our stuThe potential for art to involve students with dents' knowledge and attitudes are mediated important questions about culture and diversity by popular culture, which often reduces culled two teachers in Port Washington, Long Island tural differences to steto create an ambitious phoreotypes or clichés. Creating a work of art can be a tography project designed The problem for potent way for students to value to help students understand teachers is how to the diverse cultures in their the differences among people. midst. Students created a counter the persistence of negative stereotypes visual record of the rich and encourage students to become active pardiversity of the people in their community by ticipants in initiating social change. Art has documenting stories of immigration. tremendous power to develop student's interEach student was required to interview and cultural competence. Artists can reveal the photograph someone who had immigrated to the assumptions, values, and beliefs of a culture in United States. Students used a medium-format SchoolArts May/June 2007 19

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