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NOV 2007

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te c h n o l o g y Dancing Silhouettes Tricia Fuglestad My elementary school students needed very little introduction to the graphic design project iExpress, which is based on the iconography of iTunes and iPod ads. I intended to use this lesson only with my fifth-grade students, but found that it was so popular (and easy to do) that with a little modification, I could make it a project for my entire elementary school. Meaningful Poses color. This helps when you want to After viewing an animated iTunes ad erase the background of the image in from Apple and a slideshow of many the computer. different versions of their silhouIf everything went off without a etted dancing figures, my students hitch, I could take all the pictures, were ready to start practicing their upload them to the computer, and own poses to their own "iWords." I show them to the class as I labeled encouraged them each one with the I encouraged them to use individual's to use their body to express their their body to express their iPhrase and stuiWord or "iWord" or "iPhrase" in such dent name, all "iPhrase" in such before the end of a way that their silhouette class. If plan A a way that their would communicate the silhouette would didn't work out, I communicate the used their handmeaning. meaning. This outs to find their required some playful group warmiPhrase. This is a good place to stop ups where we took turns shouting with younger students. You can take out random iPhrases as we tried to their layout with all their choices pick a pose to match. and complete their design ideas on the computer for them. However, if you want to give your students Photographing Poses the full graphic design experience, Then came the task of photographbe brave and take them to the coming each student without losing puter lab. They will love it! control of the rest of the group. This was the hard part. I created a handout that helped students visualize Creating the Silhouette their final product and plan their The second session took my stulayout. They were asked to pick dents through the steps of creattheir iPhrase, color for the backing their silhouette. I was able to ground, and sketch their silhouetted check out our mobile cart of laptops pose. where students could access their While they were doing this, I pho- photographs from the folder I placed tographed students in front of my on our school server. We used Firemakeshift blue screen (blue or green works by Macromedia, but Photo roll paper on the wall and floor). The blue screen is meant to blanket the Continued on next page. negative space of the photo with one SchoolArts November 2007 15

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