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Own the Essential Ingredients of Your Dream Studio Complete Studio Packages by Creative Industries C om ple te S tu di o p ack ag e s co me in d iff eren t version s t o suit your c eram i c ne ed s , a n d the y d on 't co s t mu c h more th an th e c ost o f so me wheels alo ne! Ea ch co mp on ent i n the Co mp l e te St udio pa c ka ge is d esign ed to ma int ai n p o r ta b i lit y and to s ave s p ace i n you r work area. B uy no w and s av e o n f u tu re equip me nt in vest men t s! T h e A r ti s ta The Clay Boss Complete Studio C om ple te Stu di o f eat ures: f e a tu r e s: Cla y Boss p ot tery Artista pottery wheel wh ee l wit h ut i l i ty T h e C in k she lf S ta t ic l e gs Th e C ink F o ot p e da l ST4 st ool S T 4 s to ol Tool kit T o ol ki t 2 bat s 2 b at s Z-K up Z- Ku p For more details about Complete Studio packages by Creative Industries, please call 800.748.5530, or visit our web site at to find a local dealer. Clay owls made by a fourth-grade student at W.S. Ryan Elementary School, Denton, Texas. 64 Just Clay Circle No. 214 on Reader's Service Card Get inspired by the products offered in this section, and bring clay, ceramics, and potterymaking into your artroom!

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