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Resource Center Books, Posters, DVDs, and Websites Children's Book Briefs Sharon Warwick The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Rachel Isadora. New York, NY: Penguin Young Reader's Group, 2007. Illus., hardcover, 32 pp., $16.99. This enchanting children's trade book tells the story of twelve princesses who, night after night, wear out their shoes without leaving their bedroom. The confused king offers a reward to anyone who can solve this mystery and the fun begins! Author Rachel Isadora, who lived in Africa for ten years, creates a handpainted and collaged mystery that is African in appearance. She has written and illustrated numerous award-winning picture books. Children in elementary school will read and re-read this charming mystery while being inspired by the illustrations. The Drawing Breakthrough Book: A Shortcut to Artistic Excellence. John Hastings. Hillsborough, OR: Draw 3 Lines Publishing, 2007. Illus., softcover, 103 pp., $15.95. Students will learn to improve basic drawing skills as they create line drawings with easy-to-read, stepby-step instructions, exercises, and 58 tips. The observation and drawing techniques in the book are ideal for students at any level, from age thirteen to adult. It is organized in three parts: starting to draw, mastering the building-block lines, and expanding your drawing skills. Recommended readings and a glossary of terms make this useful technique book easy to follow, and the tips for getting the most from the book are designed to help readers sequence and improve drawing skills and knowledge. —Sharon Warwick is a national art consultant for Davis Publications. Bookmarks Artist Trading Card Workshop: Create, Collect, Swap. Bernadette Ber- lin. Cincinnati, OH: North Light Books, 2007. Illus., softcover, 128 pp., $22.99. This inspiring book presents the idea of creating artist trading cards (ATCs) as a means to share your art and connect with other artists by trading and collecting miniature works of art. Colorful photos illustrate techniques to teach you how to create your own cards. Some of the artistic ideas presented utilize the following: watercolor on baby wipes, paint on paper towel, glass-like resin, fused fibers, handstitching, and mica. Readers are encouraged to trade cards in person, but if that is not possible, online swapping locations are listed. This book will motivate children through senior citizens to create and trade ATCs. Rembrandt: Images and Metaphors. Christian and Astrid Tümpel. London: Haus Publishing, 2006. Illus., hardcover, 320 pp., $60. This impressively illustrated book is a masterpiece of writing by a couple whose life work has greatly centered on the study of Rembrandt. Although Rembrandt is a common household name, the authors provide a unique angle in understanding him. Their devotion to clarification and understanding of methods used by Rembrandt to create expression and form in his subjects includes interpretation of biographical and cultural events. The writers offer a timely tribute to the prosperous seventeenth-century era of Rembrandt, who succeeded in advancing as the first modern artist in spite of great odds. —Reviewed by Rebecca Martin, director of education at the Sid Richardson Collection in Fort Worth, Texas. Painting on Glass & Ceramic. Karen Embry. New York, NY: Sterling Publishing, 2008. Hardcover, 128 pp., $24.95. In Painting on Glass & Ceramic, award-winning artist Karen Embry teaches how to transform ordinary items into art. Embry's thorough description of glass and ceramic Continued on page 62.

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