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about their color choices and help them identify the colors. Painting with Watercolor In this class, students mix watercolors to paint their mouse drawings. Before painting, review paint mixing, watercolor techniques, and proper use and care of materials and supplies. Encourage students to paint over the entire picture (the oil pastels will resist the paint). Hungry Mice Students now make construction paper cheese to feed their hungry mice. Review basic cutting skills and demonstrate how to take a square piece of yellow construction paper and cut it diagonally into two triangles.Havestudentscutouttheir cheese pieces and use crayons to draw holes in their cheese. After they glue their cheese onto their mouse paintings, have them sit in a circle and talk about their work, discussing the lines, colors, and shapes they used, how they mixed colors, and what part of the process they liked the best. Combining Experiences Mice paintings provide an opportunity for kindergarten students to experiment with various art materials and various elements of art. Through the step-by-step drawing process, students can learn ways of combining lines and building images. The book Mouse Paint is a fun way to introduce kindergartners to color theory and incorporate children's literature into an art unit. Using oil pastels and watercolors gives students an opportunity to experiment with color mixing and layering colors. Many new artistic experiences are wrapped up in this fun mice painting unit. Materials • Mouse Paint, Ellen Stoll Walsh • 12x18"(30x46cm)white drawing paper • permanentmarkers • oilpastels • watercolorsandpaintbrushes • yellowconstructionpaper squares • crayons • scissors • glue • workshirts NatioNal Bryna Bobick is a graduate assistant at the University of Georgia and was previously an art specialist at Rosemount Elementary School in Georgia. bobickb@ Web Elizabeth Wheeler is an art specialist at Jefferson Elementary School in Jefferson, Georgia and is a graduate student at the University of Georgia. StaNdard Students use different media, techniques, and processes to communicate ideas, experiences, and stories. liNk books/animals/wild/mouse-paint. htm Leanora, kindergarten. SchoolArts August/September 2008 45

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