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Left to right: Mekong River Floating Market—Vietnam; Spinning Dreams—Equador; Mrs. Nanfuka Teoposta's Goats—Uganda; The Cow's Name Is Nora—Kosovo; Celebrating the Gift of the Heifer "Consolation"—Rwanda; Brzezowka Village Hen Project—Poland. Heifer international Since 1944, Heifer International, a humanitarian assistance organization dedicated to ending world hunger and protecting the earth, has helped 8.5 million people in 125 countries move toward greater self-reliance through the gift of livestock and training. By providing animals and training, Heifer enables families to overcome poverty, become more self-reliant, and make lasting improvements in their quality of life. Heifer requires recipients of livestock to "pass on the gift" by sharing their animal's offspring with other families. Heifer International As an artist/storyteller, LaDuke LaDuke reflects, "I didn't know it portrays her Heifer experiences then, during those years I was preparimaginatively as a combination of ing myself for a new rite of passage, time: past, present, and future. Her volunteer work with Heifer Interstylized, colorful paintings serve as a national and visual testaa new series Art has been LaDuke's conduit for ment to the of travel to connecting to the world and using work Heifer Heifer Internadoes to comthe power of the arts to educate bat the huntional project about cultural challenges. sites." Heifer ger, disease, International, malnutrition, headquartered in Little Rock, Arkanpoverty, and lack of education that sas, was founded in 1944 and is based threatens the lives of more than half on the principal of sharing. Heifer of the world's population. works with families and communities in the U.S. and throughout the Dreaming Cows world to end hunger and poverty LaDuke has assembled a traveling while caring for the earth. Through exhibition of her Heifer work entitled gifts of livestock and training, Heifer Dreaming Cows. As the exhibition has helped 8.5 million families in 125 tours the country, LaDuke hopes countries improve their quality of life viewers—young and old—will learn and move toward greater self-reliance. about Heifer's work and will want LaDuke's artwork fortifies the Heifer to get involved. LaDuke's artwork mission and makes her a natural partis also displayed at Heifer's "green" ner for the group. headquarters where it serves as a narrative and symbolizes the Heifer mis- sion of sharing and giving. Her prints also appear on Heifer notecards and her paintings have been exhibited at the United Nations in New York City. LaDuke hopes that her work will provoke smiles as the viewer recognizes the basic connection between animals and our universal need for love, compassion, and respect for each other and our environment. Art Activity Discuss Heifer International's efforts and show one or two of the videos on their website. Post a list of the animals that Heifer provides, and have students choose one and portray it in a painting or collage. Janet Payne is an art education consultant and an advisory board member of SchoolArts. Web liNkS SchoolArts August/September 2008 29

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