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Middle School Studio Lesson Han nah R ie bau, grade ei ght, sculptur al accordion bo ok. Right from the Beginning Karen Watson-Newlin T Creating Resist Patterns he first day of school, the students in my eighthOn the second day of class, students spray on or grade design arts class create a texture rubuse sponge brushes to apply liquid fiber dyes to the bing on 18 x 24" (45 x 61 cm) white paper using crayon texture rubbing. These create colors that unwrapped crayons and leaves. The leaves are a stain the paper and create a beautiful resist pattern. collection of pressed leaves from my own yard and a set This cover paper technique was of molded rubber leaves. This texactually inspired by a previous ture rubbing will eventually become The final results present a SchoolArts article: "Leaf It!" by the cover paper for a sculptural book wonderful interpretation of Judith Blake (April 2006, p. 45). project with a tree theme, but, on this day, students are just excited nature with some technical help Contour Drawing to be starting their first project of and artistic sculptural flair. One of the questions that we the year. The project objectives are explore throughout the class is to use the elements and principles "Where do artists get their ideas?'' Observation and of art while presenting an introduction to a paint softnature are two approaches we use for this project. I ware program. There are several such programs on the always provide a large collection of tree photo images market, but Corel Painter IX works particularly well for reference. Based on ideas collected from their because of the range of features it offers. SchoolArts August/September 2008 25

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