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It's hard to believe. Here's a 16th- young artist he struggled for years century Baroque master whose bold to make a living. He was angry. naturalistic painting style first created Yet the angry contrast between light a sensation, then a movement. A guy and darkness in his work is the very whose life was filled reason why it now hangs in countless with the turbulence and museums around the world. excess of more than a If you're looking for Caravaggio, you're very, very cold. If nothing else, it's a case study dozen Mario Puzo novels. of the importance of having art as This guy who, while troubled, ultimately found redemption an outlet. Unfortunately, one we're A self-portrait of Caravaggio as Bacchus. Honestly, he wouldn't last 10 minutes on The Sopranos. and immortality in his art. But does the average kid on the street even know who Caravaggio is? fast removing from our kids' lives. If the arts are indeed a vital part of your child's education (and studies show Fuhgedaboudit. you believe they are), then you Too bad. Especially when you consider how much should demand his or her fair our children can learn from the conflicted life of a share. To find out how to help, great artist like Michelangelo Caravaggio. or for more information about READIN' He grew up in less than ideal circumstances. Most the benefits of arts education, ART 'RITING 'RITHMETIC Make sure to give art a piece of your mind. of his family died in the plague. Much of his youth please visit us at Because, was misspent on the mean streets of Rome. And as a as Caravaggio would tell you, life without art is torture. A R T. ASK FOR M O R E. For more information about the importance of arts education, contact

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