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Why Our Schools Need the Arts NEW! Jessica Hoffmann Davis (Teachers College Press, Co-published with NAEA) What would happen if we were allowed to embrace the arts and not have to apologize for it? This pioneering work argues for the powerful lessons the arts can provide students. As a cognitive developmental psychologist and founder of the Arts in Education Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Davis provides a set of principles and tools for arts advocates and instructors already working to secure a strong place for the arts in education: t An overview of how the arts fit into the content of education today t "EJTDVTTJPOPGIPXUIFBSUTBSFVOJRVFJOFEVDBUJPOBOEUIFMFBSOJOHQSPDFTT t "MJTUPGDPNNPOPCKFDUJPOTUPJODMVEJOHUIFBSUTJOPVSTDIPPMT XJUITVHHFTUFESFTQPOTFT t %PTBOEEPOUTGPSBSUTBEWPDBUFT t "MPPLBUUIFPVUDPNFTPGBSUTMFBSOJOH XJUIDPNQFMMJOHFYBNQMFTPGTVDDFTT t "HMPTTBSZPGSFMFWBOUUFSNTBOESFDPNNFOEFESFBEJOHT SFTPVSDFT BOEXFCTJUFT No. 302. 150 pgs. {2008} ISBN 978-0-80774834-3 $22.00. NAEA Members: $20.00 (plus S/H) Memory and Experience: Thematic Drawings by Qatari, Taiwanese, Malaysian, and American Children NEW! Al Hurwitz and Karen Lee Carroll This book presents the largest collection of children's drawings made in response to a single method of instruction, as children in four countries identify personal memories and experiences relating to 10 themes. The drawings were collected in the 1980s by Al Hurwitz and Mahmoud El-Bassiouny, and this edition offers two of the 1994 essays as well as new drawings from a replication of the study begun in 2007. Five experts respond to this collection and explore issues of drawing development, cultural context, stories children tell, the influence of popular and visual culture, and drawing methodology. A unique opportunity to study how children represent personal experiences as well as the ways children's drawings are described and analyzed by experts in the field, this book promises to delight and inform. No. 300. 320 pgs. 650 images. {2008} ISBN 978-1-890160-39-5 $29.00. NAEA Members: $23.00 (plus S/H) This title available for order online: Visit our website or call us for more information on all NAEA titles! w w w. n a e a - r e s t o n . o r g / p u b l i c a t i o n s . h t m l s SchoolArts 800-299-8321 August/September 2008 15

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