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DEC 2008

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QuickCenter™ System and method patent pending. center your clay. the first time. everytime. Centering clay just got easier! Now you have "training wheels" for the centering process. The QuickCenter™ automatically centers up to 4 pounds of clay in three easy steps. 1 Load the Canister/Plunger with clay by pressing into wedged clay. 2 Place the Bat Set onto the wheel head with pins. 3 Center the Canister/Plunger into the Recessed Bat Set, release the clay and begin throwing. With the QuickCenter™ System, students can feel 'center' and develop confidence while successfully throwing on the wheel the very first time. QuickCenter™ System includes: Special Recessed Bat Set (with one universal adapter and one recessed bat, including pins), the simple-to-use QuickCenter™ Canister/Plunger, and a Set of 5 False Bottoms (only one is needed for use—the other four can be used as replacements in the event the false bottoms are misplaced or lost). See QuickCenter™ videos at Retail Price: $274. Call for introductory discount today, 800-374-1600 or e-mail Circle No. 222 on Reader's Service Card

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