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DEC 2008

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Teacher-Student Portfolio Tracy Ellyn & Amanda Rose Tracy Ellyn, Teacher When I work with students, my goal is to train and inspire them as both skilled and conceptual artists. I first introduce students to a sound, classic foundation of the art elements and design principles so that their future works fly with imagination, but remain grounded with strength. My own training was classic, and I show students my pastel portraiture pieces as examples of observation and use of media. It is somewhat surprising to them that I eventually applied this training to the field of fashion design, but when they see the overlapping importance of form, proportion, texture, balance, emphasis, contrast, and fine use of media and technique—as well as the importance of cultural and historical influences—the connection makes sense to them. Amanda Rose, Student To me, being an artist is wonderful because I am able to express my feelings by creating a picture. I understand how to apply different media, techniques, and processes to my work, allowing me to create by just telling myself whether the technique or theory feels right or wrong (the creative part always feels right!). My drawings are lightweight and solidly threedimensional, and I work on shape, form, and composition in order to make my vision come alive on paper. In my favorite piece, the watercolor peacock is actually my self-portrait. I applied all the classic techniques to anthropomorphism, where I represented myself as a peacock. Such an impossibility is only convincing because my classic training came first. Tracy Ellyn is an art teacher and president of Miami Art and Design, South Florida's art education resource, in Miami, Florida. Amanda Rose is a seventh-grade magnet art student at Southwood Middle School, Center for the Arts, in Miami, Florida. Call for Entries: SchoolArts is recognizing the work of students and teachers from around the country, and we are looking for more art to be featured. Please send images of your work and the work of one of your students, along with 100-word artist's statements, on a CD to Nancy Walkup, Editor, SchoolArts, 2223 Parkside Drive, Denton, TX 76201. 18 December 2008 SchoolArts

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