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DEC 2008

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Advocacy The ABC Project artist donated display panels. The nearest Michael's store provided the frames at a good price. We launched the exhibit with a reception. It was wonderful to see the artists arrive with their families to see their work exhibited in a shop right on the town square. The local newspaper came to interview the artists, and families took photos of them with their work. Bid sheets were laid out and the community rallied to support the artists. Artwork from the ABC Project was exhibited at a local restaurant. Samantha Melvin Celebration In the end, the Boys & Girls Club raised about $1000. Because the overall support for the club was so great, the club's corporate board elected to allocate those funds to the finearts program, thus ensuring that the youth continue to experience fine arts programming. Special thanks to Michael's in Georgetown, Texas, and in Burnet: Treasures on the Square, Kiri's Coffee Shop, Custom Creations and Interiors, Artisan, Arenello Salon, and the underwriters of the project. Many thanks also to Crayola and Elizabeth Willett for providing art supplies. was about s a K–5 art teacher, I know that when members of the community have the opportunity to view the work of their friends and families, there are favorable results. Young artists come to understand that their work is appreciated, and the community develops an artistic awareness. People learn to seek out exhibits and opportunities to make art, to learn and build on techniques, and to display work. Relationships formed in this way feed the support needed to retain, enhance, or begin art programs. This was my motivation as I began to teach art once a week at our local Boys & Girls Club. A strated a significant span of ability. I collected different materials from the community including fabric from a local interior decorating shop, and mat board from the frame shop. The project was about empowerThe project ment through art, empowering through as well as being art, as well as being an Samantha Melvin an opportunity to opportunity to support an is now teaching art, support an aftermusic, and theatre after-school program. school program. at RJ Richey Elementary in Burnet, This was no small Texas. She continues to teach art at the task, but together we set about creatBoys & Girls Club and is preparing for the ing an incredible exhibit known as next ABC Project exhibit. artteaches@ the ABC Project, which stands for Art Builds Confidence; Art Builds Community; and Art Benefits Children. NatioNal StaNdard The Mission Our club was experiencing some financial stress, so I suggested putting on a student work exhibition and silent auction. The artwork would be created in our art sessions and later displayed at a local coffee shop. Students represented kindergarten through seventh grade and demon- The Exhibit Thirty-eight works were donated to the club by young artists. I sent out an e-mail to friends and parents of club members inviting them to sponsor the framing of the artwork. Several generous people contributed to the underwriting of the frames. The local frame shop cut mats, and a local 16 December 2008 SchoolArts Students use different media, techniques, and processes to communicate ideas, experiences, and stories. Web liNkS

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