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MAR 2009

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KIDS DON'T GET ENOUGH Sentimental Mood," and ART THESE DAYS. So you "Take the 'A' Train. His " can see why some of them historical concert in 1953 at might accidentally confuse the Newport Jazz Festival a jazz legend named Duke has entered the lexicon of with royalty named duke. legendary live performances. But it's finally time to set There is no doubt about it, the record straight. Ellington's brand of jazz Edward Kennedy "Duke" has contributed significantly Ellington didn't rule over to the American songbook a small English estate. and to the lives of anyone Instead he reigned supreme who has ever tapped their over jazz institutions like The Cotton Club. He riffed A piano player. A composer. An orchestra leader. Duke Ellington reigned over a land called Jazz. Jazz is art, you dig? Art can powerfully on the piano, but it was the full really orchestra that he considered his most compelling In fact, the more art kids get, instrument. He introduced improvisation to his the smarter they become compositions — a process unheard of in subjects like math and using a 15-piece orchestra. The result science. And the more was a different approach to jazz that likely they'll become well- sparked a revolution and an evolution. rounded, cool members of His music spread across the world society. For Ten Simple Ways to get more art in Royal dukes are squaresville. They have no rhythm. And they wear crowns. with songs like "Sophisticated Lady," "In a transform foot to a beat. lives. READIN' ART 'RITING 'RITHMETIC Give your kids a chance to succeed. Up their daily dose of art. kids' lives, visit

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