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Peace inary sketch for their actual mural panel. Encourage students to consider how their design interacts with the designs of the other group members. Encourage them to orient their designs so as to create a sense of movement throughout the design, to consider increasing or decreasing the size of their symbols, and to use a variety of thick and thin line qualities. Putting It All Together As each group finishes their sketch, display the sketches side-by-side and discuss what changes need to be made. After any adjustments are made, distribute pencils and primed panels, and instruct students to transfer their sketches to the panels. Encourage students to link their design to other group members' by weaving ribbons of details throughout their panels. Have students trace over their pencil lines with thick, black perma- nent markers, and add color with oil pastels and crayons. Remind students to use color effectively to unify the panels. Unite the panels as a mural and discuss what changes need to be made to create a strong sense of unity. Have students work together to achieve balance and unity throughout the mural. Marie Huseman Lindsay is the author of Peaceworks: Teaching Art for Social Change, 2006, in cooperation with Education for Social Responsibility and the International Child Art Foundation. NatioNal StaNdard Students use subjects, themes, and symbols that demonstrate knowledge of contexts, values, and aesthetics that communicate intended meaning in artworks. WeB liNkS Objectives Students will: • Developdefinitionsof"peace" that are based on personal understanding. • ViewanddiscussworksbyNew Zealand artist Radha Sahar. • Createaclassmuralillustrating personal symbols of peace. Materials • 12x18"(30x45cm)white drawing paper • 18x24"(45x61cm)white drawing paper • 4x5'(1.2x1.5m) insulation board • whiteacrylichousepaintfor primer • pencils • thickandthin,black permanentmarkers • oilpastels • crayons • chalk • paintroller • paintpan • paintbrushes 41

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