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MAR 2009

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Left to right: Acrylic/gold patina box with handle; other side of first image; Hand with balanced "mask-like" face. Acrylic. les. Then, in a rhythmic fashion, the drapery, or even a hat. Students had cast clay was gently removed from fun finding solutions. Once the face the mold. Plastic bags were bundled was attached, a razor knife was used together to back the face while to cut a locking lid. The plastic bags additional refining was finished. were removed and reinforcing coils Some students were added. wanted their Instead of glazTo incorporate sculptural eyes open; othing the work, elements into my ceramics ers opted for a program, I decided to try direct after it was sleeping look. dried and fired, plaster casting of the face to Students crewe decided to make a plaster mold for clay. ating the head use dark shades that balanced of acrylic paint on the hand needed the back of the and rubbed on gold or silver wax/ head to be smoothed and refined. The paint to create an antique patina. sculpted head would be mask-like The results were amazing! Stuwhen attached to its base. dents immediately began brainstormThose creating a box had more ing other applications for the cast options. Their faces could have hair, faces. I knew that by challenging my students, I had given them the confidence to explore new avenues of creativity. Nancy Corrigan Wilbert teaches art at Seekonk High School in Seekonk, Massachusetts. NatioNal StaNdard Students conceive and create works of visual art that demonstrate an understanding of how the communication of their ideas relates to the media, techniques, and processes they use. WeB liNk One.aspx?portalId=243736&pageId =283374 37

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