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MAR 2009

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Alex, grade nine black and white with no other valthem. It was placed in the center area ues or shading. These images were of the four prints. transferred to the block with transfer paper. Moving to Three Dimensions The original assignment called I created 6" (15 cm) foam board cubes, for students to produce a series of six assembling them with straight pins. good, clean prints. Each print was to When finished they resembled a cubebe on a different color paper with a shaped "blank canvas." Students were different color instructed to ink. Each of the make extra I was inspired to have students prints and to four prints were create a three-dimensional to be mounted experiment on yet another "YouCube" using their linoleum with different color of paper types of papers prints as an extension of the and trimmed such as newsoriginal project so that a very paper, magasmall border (or zine pages, halo) remained, imitating the halawrapping papers, brown Kraft paper, tion technique employed in some and rice paper in preparation for the pop art. second part of the project. They were Finally, the four prints were very enthusiastic about finding new mounted on black mat board in one paper possibilities. of three ways: four horizontally, four Once all of the first linoleum vertically, or two and two in a square, prints were completed and on display, leaving a border of black all around. students were each given a blank, sixA fifth print was created by merging sided cube. The new challenge was two or more other prints to create a to make their YouCube completely unique image. This merged print was different and unique from every other finished in the same way as the previone in the class. They were to cover ous four, but mounted on a scrap of the six sides of their cube with six foam board in order to "float" above entirely different prints. 22 March 2009 SchoolArts The prints could extend into the realm of collage and mixed media by the addition of other materials such as ribbon, tooled metal, string, wire, buttons, sequins, small found objects, etc. The additions, however, could not be so large that they prevented the cube from sitting flat on every side. One of the six prints was to include written text in the negative spaces of the face such as a journal entry, but could be song lyrics, poetry, etc. At least one should be a composite or "merger" of several prints, but in a different way from the first project. A third required print was to be done on patterned paper of some kind, and the remaining three prints were open to students' ideas, but all six were to be completely different from each other. Other media such as colored pencil, pastel, ink, or paint could also be added. Students responded to this assignment with great enthusiasm. The variety of results was very broad and even exceeded my expectations. The original finished print projects, along with the YouCubes piled like blocks, created a

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