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MAR 2009

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High School Studio Lesson You Cubes Finished cubes displayed in the school library. Carla Valentino W hile planning a printmaking unit for my ninth-grade class, I was looking for a way to extend a project beyond the usual boundaries to incorporate each student's personality. I also wanted to add a three-dimensional element. My original project involved creating a linoleum block print of each student's face. As a class, we looked at the work of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein and viewed several short online vid- eos about pop art. It was at this point that I was inspired to have students create a three-dimensional " YouCube" using their linoleum prints as an extension of the original project. The Linoleum block Print At the beginning of the project, I took a digital photo of each student. I zoomed in on each face so that the frame was filled with features and little or no background. I adjusted the size of the pictures to fit the 6 x 6" (15 x 15 cm) linoleum block we were working with and printed them out in high contrast black and white. After these were distributed, students placed 6 x 6" tracing paper over the print of their faces to identify and trace the large positive and negative shapes. I had them compare the line image to that of the print in order to better understand the concept of positive and negative space. I had them fill the positive shapes with black marker, reducing their faces to 21

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