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Instructional Resources Pam stephens Art Display Cards: Color. Glenview, IL: Crystal Productions. $15.95 for a set of sixteen. Teaching color theory in K–12 art classes is sometimes a difficult process. Art Display Cards: Color will help teachers overcome this barrier. This set of sixteen instructional cards introduces key color vocabulary with a variety of visual examples and diagrams for quick and easy reference. Included in the set of 18 x 6" (46 x 15 cm) cards are words such as hue, primary, secondary, intermediate, and monochromatic, among others. The cards are printed on UVprotected cardstock and have multiple classroom uses. Each is scored in the center so that it can be folded. This high-quality product will prove to be a welcome addition to any K–12 artteaching environment. Pam Stephens is associate professor of art education at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff. mosaic museum. After proclaiming that "Philadelphia is the center of the art world" Zagar proceeded to make his words true. Today, the face of Philadelphia has been altered with Zagar's colorful and mirrored mosaic murals. Throughout the video examples of the Philadelphia murals are shown. Eclectic and organic in nature, Zagar's mosaic murals remain distinctly his own while simultaneously calling to mind elements of Simon Rodia's Watts Towers, Ferdinand Cheval's La Palais Idéal, and the architecture of Antoni Gaudí. Divided into three chapters, the video includes the artist speaking about his life and his murals, commentary of others speaking about Zagar's artwork, and an overview of mural workshops that the artist provides to the public. This video is most suitable for older students (middle school and older). The video will inspire students to see the artistic potential of their city's walls. Teacher preparation programs will find the video valuable for its content. Preservice educators could incorporate the content to prepare substantial mural lessons. Pam Stephens is associate professor of education at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff. Web Reviews Rebecca Arkenberg Video Reviews Pam stephens Outsider Art: Mosaic Murals. Glen- view IL: Crystal Productions, 2009. DVD, 30 mins., $29.95. This video introduces viewers to Isaiah Zagar, an artist who has spent much of his life transforming the streets of Philadelphia into a complex International Dunhuang Project a4d#12 Searching the Internet for Silk Road resources can bring up a dizzying amount of information. The International Dunhuang Project, based at the British Library, has created a website specifically for teachers. The site is divided into a number of individual thematic links. "The Story of Gansu, Where Culture and Religions Meet" provides geographic and historical context about Dunhuang in Gansu Province. It is supplemented by photographs, images of artworks, and videoclips, including a number that show students developing a musical program, and "jamming" with different instruments as the Silk Road musicians might have done. "The Silk Road" includes images from the British Library's 2004 exhibition including documents, paintings, sculptures, and everyday items like mousetraps, shoes, and milk sieves. Early twentieth-century archaeological photographs can be found here as well. "Cultural Dialogue on the Silk Road" is a mini-gallery of selected images that relate to dialogue and communication—official, religious, commercial, and personal. The gallery includes images of coins and trade goods, artworks that reflect various ethnic backgrounds, and ancient phrasebooks with still-useful translations. "Bookbinding" provides a fascinating demonstration of the varied binding techniques found in the Dunhuang collection documents. "Chinese Astronomy" features the Dunhuang star chart (the world's oldest existing star atlas), myths, the Chinese zodiac, and astrology. Two sections are devoted to Buddhism: "Buddhism on the Silk Road" and the "Buddhism Education Pack," which contains downloadable worksheets about the history, tenets, and iconography of Buddhism, as well as the application of multicultural resources to modern society. Finally, "Gallery of the 1000 Buddhas" invites you to view the online gallery, then create and submit your own Buddha image. Rebecca Arkenburg is a museum consultant from Stratford, Connecticut. 55

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