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OCT 2010

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FocuS n orga Fundred Dollar Bill Project In es iza tion updat Mary Rubin T he Fundred Dollar Bill Project is an innovative artwork made of millions of drawings. This creative collective action is intended to support Operation Paydirt, an extraordinary art/science project uniting three million children with educators, scientists, healthcare professionals, designers, urban planners, engineers, and artists. Together they are working to make safe the leadpolluted soil of New Orleans, which places thousands of children at risk for severe learning disabilities and behavioral problems. Safehouse The Fundred Dollar Bill Project and Safehouse, an iconic sculpture located in the middle of a New Orleans neighborhood, are the brainchild of artist Mel Chin. He transformed an entire house into a sculpture with a ten-foot diameter vault door that swings open. Inside, more than 6,000 fundred dollar bills, (hand-drawn, original interpretations of U.S. one hundred dollar bills), cover the walls. This art is about the environment, and this artist is working within the ideas and artwork of millions of people to invite us into the Page sponsored by: 48 October 2010 SchoolArts creative process. One of the lessons of Safehouse is that we can all contribute collectively and make a difference. The Fundred Dollar Bill Project The goal of the Fundred Dollar Bill Project is the creation of three million artworks by children across the United States that will be delivered to Washington, DC to raise awareness and funding to heal the environmental impact of years of pollution in New Orleans and other cities. Once the project reaches its goal of three million artworks, a specially retrofitted armored truck powered by vegetable oil will be deployed across the nation to pick up the 7,000 pounds of fundred dollar drawings. The art currency will be delivered to Washington, DC, and there we will request from Congress an "even exchange" of three million fundred dollar bills for three million dollars in funds and services to support Operation Paydirt. Fan the Fundred Flames For the initial phase of the Fundred Dollar Bill Project, each student is given one blank fundred dollar bill to create his or her own unique artwork to donate to the project. Through the simple gesture of creating fundred dollar bills, people nationwide can take part in this far-reaching project supporting the rebuilding of New Orleans. Ultimately, the success of the project depends on our collective efforts. We invite you to create awareness of your global community in an easy one-day lesson or integrate artistic, social, or scientific concepts into a comprehensive unit. Mail completed fundred dollars to a collection center near you before the end of the 2010– 2011 school year so all fundreds are counted! Go to to download: • FundredDollarBilllessonplansand color template • videosandacomprehensivePowerPoint presentation with script • maplistingofcentersacrossthe nation. Mary Rubin is the national coordinator for Operation Paydirt: New Orleans. Web Link

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