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High School Studio Lesson talisman Treasures Michelle Surrena nas. This knowledge proved extremely useful as students gave new life to unk is an art teacher's best everyday objects such as keys, Barbie friend. Everyone has junk, but it shoes, coins, tubing, fuses, and soda takes a special eye to see beyond can tabs. such unwanted items and give them new purpose. This was the Junk Transformed essence of a lesson recently completed Students' first challenge was to crewith my jewelry/metals class. ate one charm using Inspired by the artwork of Barbara Students gave new life materials from a Lenart Kazmer, who to everyday objects such bag of objects. Each bag contained a key, incorporates found as keys, Barbie shoes, a penny, a piece of objects into one-of-acoins, tubing, fuses, clear tubing, a paper kind pieces, students and soda can tabs. clip, a used gift card, created a bracelet or a safety pin, buttons, necklace from found a wooden spool, a washer, a bottle cap, objects. Prior to this lesson, students a word bead, a piece of ruler, and a had a basic understanding of wire small piece of colored pencil. wrapping, drilling, riveting, and pati- J 42 October 2010 SchoolArts I divided the class into small groups and each group was given a specific item from the bag that they were required to use as the focus of their charm. It was fascinating to witness the variety of charms, even though students were using some of the same materials. Finished sample charms were strung on a wire as examples so that all students could see the variety and expected level of artistry. Creating Categories With one charm completed and fifty more to go, I found it necessary to categorize the type of charms required for the project. Charms were organized into five groups, and students were required to create ten charms in each of the following categories:

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