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OCT 2010

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School-Master Kilns from L&L 8SYKL7MQTPI1EHIJSV7GLSSPW *MZI=IEV;EVVERX] -,(;<9,:-69;/,*3(::9664 Warranty: Special Five-Year Limited Warranty. (See hotkilns. com/five-year-warranty.pdf ). Temperature Rating: All but 208/1ph large model rated for Cone 6. Element Holders: Hard ceramic element holders protect brick. Control: One-Touch™ Intuitive Kiln Control. Loading: Lid position, when open, rests at an angle away from the kiln without lid supports so that the loading is easy and unobstructed. Hinge: Spring loaded for "feather-lite" easy opening. Stand: Heavy-duty 14 gauge full solid stand with multiple bends for strength. Bolt on legs. Feet protectors. Construction: Sectional for easy moving. Stainless steel wrapped around brick with 3 clamps on each section. All stainless screws. Insulation: 2-1/2" or 3" K23 firebrick. Brick Coating: Reflective coating protects brick and reduces dusting. Control Panel: All controls and components are mounted in a hinged control panel/element connection box. Control box can be easily removed for servicing. On/off switch and control fuse are included. Relays: Mercury Free relays. Thermocouples: Type K 8 gauge with ceramic protection tubes prevent metallic dusting in kiln and result in longer thermocouple life. Peephole Plugs: Non-fragile solid ceramic with heatlocked head. 1" diameter full-view non-tapered. One per section. Power Cord/Plug: Included. Instructions: Complete visual instructions. L&L Kiln's patented hard ceramic element holders protect your kiln by protecting the fragile firebrick. L&L Kiln's unique "Easy-Lift, Easy-Load" spring hinge is fully supported WITHOUT troublesome support bars and leans all the way back past the opening of the kiln for supereasy loading of the kiln. Proprietary One-Touch™ Intuitive Kiln Control is designed for busy school teachers - One touch and you are ready to fire the bisque and glaze programs used in schools (also easy to adjust simple parameters like cone, delay, hold, heat-up and cooldown rates). You can even create four custom ramp/hold programs. //.LOQ·VSDWHQWHG KDUGFHUDPLFHOHPHQW KROGHUVSURWHFW\RXUNLOQ :OHYW[V^U9K:^LKLZIVYV51 ;VSS-YLL!-H_! ZHSLZ'OV[RPSUZJVT Circle No. 330 on Reader's Service Card

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