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TeCh4arTeD Take a Commemorative Art Tour in Google Maps Theresa McGee A s our online world grows more complex, it provides the opportunity to bring us geographically closer. Forget the bus ride and permission slips, Google Maps can transport us to amazing places in only seconds. Investigate an artist's birthplace, visit cultures around the world, or explore architecture in your community. Commemorate artists A great way to get started with Google Maps is by using maps others have already created. Explore the various commemorative monuments in and around Washington, DC, using the locations already marked for you in this custom Google Map: DCgoogleMap. This map includes embedded images, links to additional information, and video. Access other historical cities and museums with an online visit to 100 Incredible Virtual Tours ( Find additional maps by clicking "show search options" from the Google Maps page and select "user created maps." If you're new to Google Maps, this video introduction will help you navigate: tinyurl. com/2vk4mcb. 28 October 2010 SchoolArts Street and earth View Add a new dimension to any Google Map through Street and Earth View. These fantastic features will enable you to zoom down to street level and view the area as if you were actually on location. While satellite or map view is selected, a yellow "Pegman" will appear on your map. Grab "Pegman" with your cursor and drag him to a place of interest on the map. This will enable you to view images from the street. Go here to see how this feature works: Your tour would not be complete without the exploration of the threedimensional architectural models included in many parts of Earth View (formerly labeled terrain) Learn how to navigate in earth view here: youtube. com/watch%3fv%3DYHe3ag3i8v8. Create Your Own Google Map Create a Google Map of your own to commemorate art and architecture in your community. Start by creating a Google account (, which will give you access to all the iGoogle homepage features including Google Maps. Create your own map by clicking "maps" at the top of your iGoogle homepage, click "my maps," then "get started" and follow all instructions. You can watch a walkthrough illustrating these steps and learn how to add your own images and link to external files: tinyurl. com/34dmd69. Integrate and explore Tailor a Google Map experience to meet the needs of the youngest students up through the most advanced. Here are a few ideas to explore: • Teachaboutline,texture,andshape from a bird's-eye view. • Makeconnectionstosocialstudies by viewing architectural styles during a specific time period. • Launchalessononaboriginalartists' geographic location. • Exploreone-ortwo-pointperspective in your community using Street View. • Havestudentsfindimagesofinteresting terrain to use as inspiration in their artwork. • Createamapdocumentingart museums your students can visit during vacation trips. • Allowstudentstocreatetheirown map as part of a presentation on the life of an artist. • Goonavirtualscavengerhunt using historical photographs or landscape paintings. Theresa McGee is an elementary art educator in Hinsdale, Illinois and writes an art education blog (teaching

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