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The busts could also be painted with acrylic or watercolor paints. We displayed the finished commemorative busts in the school library and in the community. Students couldn't wait to take these home! This lesson is adapted from Studio Exploration for Lessons 1 and 2, Explorations in Art, Grade 5 (Davis Publications, 2008). Nancy Walkup is an art teacher at W.S. Ryan Elementary School in Denton, Texas; editor of SchoolArts; and a co-author of Explorations in Art (Davis Publications, 2008). NAtioNAl StANdArd Students demonstrate how history, culture, and the visual arts can influence each other in making and studying works of art. Web liNk Objectives Students will: • create a recognizable portrait bust of a famous person, historic or contemporary. • recognize different types of columns used in architecture. Materials • earthenware or stoneware clay, or self-hardening clay, about half a pound for each student • plastic or canvas to cover tables • clay modeling tools • containers of water • paper towels • gallon-size plastic bags • masking tape • glazes, acrylic paints, or watercolor paints Jake, grade five. 25

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