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OCT 2010

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Circle No. 235 on Reader's Service Card New Products Copic Double-Sided High Tack Tape Flip Pal Mobile Scanner Copic's new double-sided artists' adhesive is a strong yet thin tape that works as well on paper as it does on metal, fabric, and wood, making it an incredibly beneficial choice for art projects, particularly those incorporating mixed media. It holds strong but comes off easily, even without tearing paper. It also holds ink and paint without smudging, and is remarkably clear. With widths at 1/8", ¼", and ½", this makes a great masking tape as well. All in all, this is definitely one of the best adhesives currently available to artists. Available from Winner of the Most Innovative Product award at this year's Craft and Hobby Association conference, the Flip Pal Mobile Scanner is a portable, self-contained scanner capable of taking high-quality (300 or 600 dpi) scans. It's as though a digital camera has been combined with a scanner, incorporating an LCD view screen, memory card, and USB adapter for easy transfer to your computer. This is perfect for scrapbooking or making quick, easy copies of photographs on the go, and the flip-top design allows maximum control while minimizing size. Available from www. Circle No. 350 on Reader's Service Card Circle No. 351 on Reader's Service Card 17

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