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Creating a Greek Artifact favorite for this grade level! The characters in Percy Jackson and the Olym- After building their understanding of Greek pottery, students were ready to pians are inspired by the gods, heroes, create their own. We planned on using and monsters of Greek mythology and red clay with black glaze for detail the Greek collection at the Metropoliwork and clear glaze to seal the pot. tan Museum of Art. For those who Each student referred to the examples have not yet experienced the Rick of Greek pottery Riordan series, shapes found there is a wonAs students shared their derful podcast understanding of mythology, on the British Museum website available from they also developed an which I posted to the Met about understanding of how one can the whiteboard, Percy Jackson gain a better view of society drawing their and the Lightning Thief. and a culture through its arts. own designs in their art jourAs students nals. They each determined the shape, shared their understanding of mytholthe position of the handles, and the ogy, they also developed an underpatterns to paint on its surface. standing of how one can gain a better From this design, students each view of society and a culture through created a pinch pot with added coil its arts. handles. They added bases using another coil or two and scratched the surface of the clay using a clay tool, using the sgraffito method to add designs to the pot. After names and class codes were added to the bases, the pots were allowed to fully dry before firing. Once the pots were fired, students used black glaze to add finishing touches to the surface of their pots. They glazed the entire pots with clear glaze and I fired them once more. We then exhibited our works in the school display cabinet for all to enjoy. Samantha Melvin teaches fourth and fifth grade fine arts at RJ Richey Elementary in Burnet, Texas. NaTIoNal STaNdard Students demonstrate how history, culture, and the visual arts can influence each other in making and studying works of art. Web lINkS passport.pdf asp?read=all&eid=epNum068 GREECE/welcome.html greekvases Cameron's Greek pot. 39

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