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Low Fire Gloss Glaze PrimAry This color wheel in glaze illustrates color relationships. Colors next to each other are analogous and colors opposite each other are complementary. Lemon Yellow SeCONdAry SeCONdAry Frog Green Carrot CO Midnight Blue PrimAry m e PL m AN e Ar NT AL O OG Analogous colors are alike (purple is mixture of blue and red.) Complementary colors are so different that they contrast one another. y US Brick Red PrimAry Colors farther apart on the color wheel call attention to each other. (Which yellow inside the bowl do you notice more?) Grape SeCONdAry ® miXABLe 8 mixable colors in gallons TM $59 All colors intermix for an infinite palette. LAyeriNG TM ® Colors can be layered without bleeding. diNNerWAre SAFe Lead-free. 16 mixable colors in pints and half-pints TM $12.95/$7.50 ALL AGeS TM NON-TOXiC Conforms to ASTM D-4236 America's Most Trusted Glazes™ Designed for artists of any age

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