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Editor's Letter W hat rituals do you have for the start of school? New clothes, new lessons, or new room arrangements? As an elementary art teacher, I always associated the beginning of school with the unpacking and opening of new art supplies and the unique fragrance of new crayons. I also looked forward to investigating new ideas, approaches, and processes with my students. What do you look forward to investigating with your students in this new school year? Here at SchoolArts, we eagerly await the release of the new National Core Arts Standards, partly because we have a long-standing practice of including relevant National Standards in our studio lessons, but primarily for the influence they will have on art education practices. Although the standards are voluntary, they are exemplary and may serve as models for states to adapt or adopt for their specific needs. Why standards for the arts? Rigorous, meaningful standards support the value of the arts in every child's education. They also spell out that what we teach is worth teaching and assessing. Why new standards? The current standards were published in 1994, and arts education has changed significantly since then. The new standards will be research-based, will support the twenty-first-century needs of students and teachers, will help ensure that all students are career and/or college ready, and will affirm the place of arts education in a balanced core curriculum. The National Core Arts Standards are being developed by the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS), a partnership of organizations and states that includes the SchoolArts 2013–2014 Themes National Art EduAugust/September: Investigating cation Association October: Imagining and the National November: Collaborating Association for December: Constructing Music Education. January: Creating The standards February: Presenting are slated to be March: Responding posted to a webApril: Producing based database for (Media Arts) further review in May/June: Connecting September. Follow me on Nancy investigates the Reggio Emilia approach to learning in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Read about Reggio Emilia on page 12. The new standards are based on the fundamental creative practices of imagination, investigation, construction, and reflection. These are cognitive processes that are shared across all five arts disciplines and disciplines outside the arts. In the standards, creative practices are expressed in the arts through communication; creative personal realization; culture, history, and connections; a means to well-being; and community engagement. To stay abreast of progress and to provide input, check out +Work+Updates. You can also stay updated through Facebook: CoalitionForCoreArtsStandards. SchoolArts will provide updates throughout the school year, and, even better, our themes will be based on concepts and enduring ideas covered in the new standards. When you unwrap your new art supplies, be sure to unwrap and investigate the new standards as well! Check out my blog at

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