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After tion, and supply usage. Students realized how important quality art education really is to their art and to brain development, which can be carried over into other subject areas. Top left: Shianna, after. Bottom left: Shianna, before. Top right: Brandon, after. Bottom right: Brandon, before. Before "turn off" their left brains and draw what they actually saw, not what they knew. I stressed that if the left brain takes over, memory will deceive them. It took some practice, but the results were astonishing. Assessment I asked students to write a reflective statement comparing their two works of art: the one before instruction, and the one after they were taught about left brain/right brain, value, propor- Tracey Hunter-Doniger is assistant professor of creativity/creative arts at the College of Charleston. hunterdoniger@yahoo. com NatioNal StaNdard Students explore and understand prospective content for works of art. Web liNk 31

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