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Middle School Studio Lesson MOSAIC MESSAGES Annemarie Baldauf T hrough the generosity of a completed our mural without having Lowes Toolbox for Educataken this workshop. tion Grant and a grant from The first step for our mural was the Bill Graham Foundation, to have the plan approved by various we were able to create and install district administrators, including the an interdisciplindistrict building and ary mosaic mural It was gratifying to have grounds department. at our school. In the place where I worked There were forms anticipation of this to be filled out, show an appreciation of liability concerns to effort, my princithe arts and be willing pal at Riverview be addressed, and a Middle School first to send me off to learn drawing of the projsent me to a mosaic ect to be submitted. a new skill. workshop in at the The actual mural, Philadelphia Magic Gardens, where with a theme of nurturing students we actually made a mosaic mural as through music, art, sports, science, part of the workshop. The workshop and math, took about three months was invaluable as I could not have to complete—one month to make the Materials s clay s assorted glazes s buckets s sponges s gloves s assorted stamps s assorted cookie cutters s tile adhesive s grout with sand s slab roller Continued on page 48. 31 Continued from page 31. NOW OFFERING ACCREDITED DEGREES IN ART EDUCATION ENROLL NOW s %ARN YOUR !! "! "&! -! -&! OR -!RCH !CCREDITED $EGREE s %NGAGE IN #ONTINUING !RT %DUCATION #OURSES s %XPLORE 0RE #OLLEGE 3CHOLARSHIP 0ROGRAMS FOR (IGH 3CHOOL 3TUDENTS s %XPERIENCE 4EACHER 'RANT 3CHOLARSHIPS STUDY ONLINE OR IN SAN FRANCISCO !DVERTISING !NIMATION 6ISUAL %FFECTS !RCHITECTURE Art Education &ASHION &INE !RT 'AME $ESIGN 'RAPHIC $ESIGN )LLUSTRATION )NDUSTRIAL $ESIGN )NTERIOR !RCHITECTURE $ESIGN ,ANDSCAPE !RCHITECTURE -OTION 0ICTURES 4ELEVISION -ULTIMEDIA #OMMUNICATIONS -USIC 0RODUCTION 3OUND $ESIGN FOR 6ISUAL -EDIA 0HOTOGRAPHY 7EB $ESIGN .EW -EDIA 800.544.2787 (U.S. only) or 415.274.2200 WWW.ACADEMYART.EDU 79 NEW MONTGOMERY STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA 94105 Accredited member WASC, NASAD, Council for Interior Design Accreditation (BFA-IAD), NAAB (M-ARCH) * Landscape Architecture and BFA Architecture degree programs not currently available online. 48 February 2012 SchoolArts tiles and two months to put it together. Planning the Design I compiled images from student designs into one overall plan and copied it onto the wall in pencil, a process that took about four hours. Making the Tiles Clay was rolled out on our new slab roller and cut out both freehand and with cookie cutters, then impressed with stamped patterns and textures. Paper patterns were made for drums, clarinets, trumpets, shoes, faces, pi symbols, paintbrushes, hands, and other shapes. Each tile was then dried, fired, glazed with color, and fired again. Constructing the Mural Putting the mural together took a long time, but every one of the 175 students from six classes was able to put up tiles. We made changes as needed as we went along. The next step was to add grout—the cement and sand mixture that is put between the tiles with a sponge. The final touches were to remove excess grout and add grout to missed spots. Our proud unveiling was meaningful to us all. Annemarie Baldauf is an art teacher at Riverview Middle School in Mount Diablo Unified School District, Bay Point, California. NatioNal StaNdard Students intentionally take advantage of the qualities and characteristics of art media, techniques, and processes to enhance communication of their experiences and ideas. Web liNkS vpid=1295841814167

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