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evident as I instructed them to focus on each stroke, making it with conscious action. I played quiet music that filled our classroom as each tile came to life. When we put our tiles together we saw the variety of individual works, all different, but with the same instructions. —Elaine Greene, CZT A New Challenge I taught the Zentangle method to a group of third-grade students at an inner-city school in Worcester, Massachusetts. I decided to teach Zentangle as a fun end-of-the-year activity. Students were enthralled by the Zentangle method. They were completely focused and attentive throughout the lesson and eager to learn more. One interesting thing I noticed was that most students asked me if they were "doing it right," despite my having said that there is no wrong or right in Zentangle. It really showed me that these students are so used to following explicit directions and being assessed on their work that they had a hard time unleashing their creativity and trusting themselves. However, by the end of the lesson, students were more relaxed about their creations, and they loved seeing how their Zentangles were similar to and different from those of their classmates. Creating a mosaic of all the finished Zentangles at the end was very powerful. Students really appreciated how each piece of artwork became part of a larger work of art. —Emily Collona, CZT The journey of Zentangle has been amazing, and to see the vast ways so many children are using Zentangle in their worlds is extraordinary. What could Zentangle bring to your classroom? Ways Zentangle Can Be Used in the Classroom • daily practice • nonverbal journals • relaxation • warm-up • teamwork • mindfulness • discussion on ancient art forms • artwork trading • holiday projects and cards • murals • sidewalk chalk drawings • nature or environmental inspiration Molly Hollibaugh is product manager at Zentangle and a Certified Zentangle Instructor. 35

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