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Savannah, grade eight. vertically on the wall. Understanding this part is critical and probably where students usually make the most mistakes. Getting Personal Some students trace their cutouts again to get the same size shadow, but others create a larger or smaller shadow to convey a message in their art. The shadows themselves can be doing anything—dancing, jumping, singing, making the final shot of the game, etc. They can play musical instruments or turn into animals. Sometimes the shadows reveal a student's interest or a goal he or she is hoping to achieve. Others show a nightmare or something from the student's past that haunts him or her. No matter what the shadow represents, it is always something that helps me learn more about each student. Differentiation There are lots of ways to differentiate this lesson. Tracing the figure makes it adaptable to different needs. It was easy for all students to find success in this project because the main idea was a silhouette rather then an intricate image. This lesson also encourages students to go above and beyond. Students can draw their figures rather than gluing on the cutout photocopies. If your school has access to technology, this would be an amazing project to do with Photoshop. I love teaching this lesson to my students. They love telling me about themselves. We as teachers have the opportunity to meet some amaz- ing people. Embrace that opportunity with lessons that encourage young artists to express themselves. Nic Hahn is an art teacher at Rogers Middle School in Rogers, Minnesota. NatioNaL StaNdard Students intentionally take advantage of the qualities and characteristics of art media, techniques, and processes to enhance communication of their experiences and ideas. Web LiNk 31

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