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NOV 2012

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Early Childhood Studio Lesson Left: "John James Audubon." Right: Students sketched Randal's live turkey in our nature center a few days before the Thanksgiving break. John James audubon & the turkey Craig Hinshaw I 'm sure that every elementary student in America has colored in a drawing of a turkey in the weeks before Thanksgiving. I wondered how many had seen a real turkey, which inspired me to think of a way to introduce my suburb-dwelling students to a live turkey. I often jog by a house where two turkeys strut in the large front yard. It took some courage to ring the doorbell with my request to borrow a turkey for a day, but when Randal, the homeowner, realized I wasn't crazy, he happily acquiesced. Randal and his wife, Fran, raise the turkeys so their grandchildren can learn about animal husbandry. The birds were tame and accustomed to being around children. Before loading one of these turkeys in a large cardboard box for my commute to school, I needed to make Turkey drawing from observation. 28 november 2012 SchoolArts

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