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RESOURCE CEnTER Books, Videos, and Posters Children's Book Briefs Red-Yellow-Blue. Silke Vry. New York, NY: Prestel, 2011. Illus., hardcover, 96 pp., $14.95. This wonderfully exciting book teaches young readers all about color by leading them on a fascinating journey through the history of Western art. It begins with striking black-andwhite images and the symbolism of color, optical illusions, and the "colorless" color of gray. Following is information about the meaning and use of color, from the most royal purple to the cheeriest yellow and so on. Readers are invited to wander through a gallery of artworks where each page features a different color. Entertaining puzzles, quizzes, and activities will spark children's creativity. Beautifully designed for reading alone or with an adult, Red-Yellow-Blue gives children access to the complex world of color in a language and style they can understand and enjoy. Margaret Peot introduces inkblots as a way to break through to your right brain and jumpstart your creativity. Even if you have made inkblots for years in your classroom, you will learn something new in this beautifully illustrated book. More than just providing you with ideas for the classroom, the stepby-step "how-to" directions provide words for what you may have been doing intuitively. Questions designed to inspire the inkblot artist could be used as a jumping-off point for lessons. The history portions introduce information about "Inkblot Heroes" including Hermann Rorschach, Victor Hugo, inkblot-inspired poet Justinus Kerner, and illustrator Stefan Bucher. This section provides you with the information you need to flesh out lesson plans to meet state standards. The pages devoted to readers' personal sketchbooks are particularly useful in helping upper-grade students apply the suggested techniques in their personal sketchbooks. Autumn de Forest. Glenview, IL: Crystal Productions. DVD, 20 minutes, $29.95. tos, and Kim Cosier. New York, NY: Teacher's College Press, 2012. Softcover, 192 pp., $29.95. 40 december 2012 SchoolArts Video Reviews Bookmarks Transforming City Schools through Art. Karen Hutzel, Flavia M.C. Bas- Honesdale, PA: Boyd's Mill Press Inc., 2011. Illus., hardcover, 56 pp., $19.95. Reviewed by Sharon Warwick, an art teacher at Winfree Academy in Denton, Texas. Reviewed by Denise Clyne-Ruch, an art specialist at L.A. Nelson Elementary School in Denton, Texas. Reviewed by Sharon Warwick, an art teacher at Winfree Academy in Denton, Texas. Inkblot: Drip, Splat and Squish Your Way to Creativity. Margaret Peot. of this book, captures the essence of this amazing resource. This musthave resource for teachers presents a variety of points of view about urban art education from leaders in the field. It focuses on the kind of teaching and learning potential that is available in urban cities and offers positive, community-based strategies for teaching. Readers will find profiles of successful models of urban visual arts education and meaningful socially concerned teaching practices. Some noteworthy contributors to the book include Olivia Gude, James Haywood Rolling Jr., and Leda GuimarĂ£es. This may well be one of the most important art education books of our time. "Art is the kind of human cultural endeavor capable of capturing the complexity and cacophony of the city." This quote, from the conclusion Autumn de Forest is ten years old, but she paints and talks like someone well beyond her years. She has been an avid painter since she was five years old, but when her parents gave her fineart quality oil paints and canvases she became a prolific prodigy. It is fascinating to watch her techniques and hear her extremely animated and verbal analysis of her own work. This DVD would be inspiring to students of any age. Her fantastic presentation is professional and personal. Reviewed by Sharon Warwick, an art teacher at Winfree Academy in Denton, Texas.

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