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All Levels How Can We Measure Student Progress in Art? Helen Goren Shafton S tudents demonstrate their understanding of art by drawing upon many aspects of their being. Art products are based, in part, upon the student's cognition of the subject, context, techniques, and materials. In addition to the cognitive aspect of art production, the student is also drawing upon his or her creativity, motor skills, emotions, life experiences, personal aesthetic, personal communication skills, and more. How are we, as art educators, able to determine the worthiness of a given work of student art or his or her progress over the course of a school year? Student progress in art is not linear, If we encourage creativity through the it is not numerically based, and it is arts, if our students have the opportunot language-based. The creation of nity to take risks and express themart comes from within. And, just like selves freely without fear of judgment, an opinion, what we then we will have create from within Student progress in art done the important cannot be wrong. It is work of this century. is not linear, it is not ours. It is an expresJonah Lehrer, in his numerically based, and book, Imagine: How sion of our feelings. it is not language-based. Creativity Works Feelings cannot be wrong. (Houghton Mifflin, 2012), stipulates that students will have to be able to create things in Succeeding in the Future order to succeed in the world. He indiOur very existence, and possibly our cates that creativity is "a key skill for persistence on this planet may somethe twenty-first century." day depend upon the creative genius Lehrer talks about growing up in a of future generations of human beings. Continued on page 41. 38 december 2012 SchoolArts

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